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Rosie Fortescue is a well known British fashionista, writing her own blog ( and taking part in the reality show Made in Chelsea. Take a peek at this gorgeous girl’s life now:

Your name, age and what you do in life:  My name is Rosie Fortescue, I am 24 and a fashion blogger and also currently appearing on Made in Chelsea.

Describe your typical (London) day:  Each day is totally different for me. I might be filming which could be a full 12 hour day or a few hours. I could be taking Street Style photos for my blog, or at meetings with brands. Each day brings me something new and this is why I love my job!

What is London for you? London for me is both home and inspiring. I love discovering new places and exploring. London is beautiful and creative and I’m totally in love with the city.

What are your style staples? My style staples are leather trousers, silks shirts and jackets. I am actually obsessed with jackets and coats. They can instantly change an outfit so are a great way to mix up an ensemble from day to night or to wear your clothes in a different way and experiment. Biker boots are a wardrobe essential too and of course heels for the evening. Jewellery is how I finish off my outfits and how I add in a personal touch to my look of the day.

Makeup products you swear by?  I absolutely swear by Optrex Brightening Eye Drops. I use them every day, and a few times when I am tired or hungover as they can instantly make the whites of your eyes shine and you could deceive anyone! Any make up from Charlotte Tilbury is heavenly.

How do you keep yourself fit and focused ( food, workout regime, beauty secrets, etc.)  I enjoy eating healthily but also love carbs and cheese. I go to the gym to give myself time off from my hectic schedule but of course it’s a great way to stay healthy. Whether it’s weight training or pilates, a little time off from being glued to my phone replying to emails is essential. Drinking lots of water is key too, great for your skin!

Share a secret with our readers:  My secret is that I have a twin sister, Lily. No one believes me as she is not on Made in Chelsea!

 Interviewed by Mira Gyuleva
Edited by Alice Simeonova


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