Why do I love Autumn so much? – Mademoiselle Aïa

Why do I love Autumn so much?

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I secretly don’t mind summer coming to an end because… My favourite season is about to start! Why do I love Autumn so much?


  • Layering! Cashmere! Scarves! Autumn offers so much more outfit options! Playing around with socks, jackets, ponchos, beanies… And it’s time to pull out my favourite materials again: cashmere, wool and leather.
  • Snuggle up in ma bed – I like those lazy mornings when it is just too cold to get out of my bed. Instead I like to snuggle up in my bed with a cosy blanket and just layers of it.
  • Scented candles! I prefer warm scents like fig, pine, cinnamon, pumpkin and wood over fresh and light fragrances.
  • Pumpkin spice latte!With whipped cream and extra cinnamon, yes please.
  • All of the colours!You can’t deny that the world just looks way prettier in burgundy, rust and yellow.
  • Halloween! Christmas!I am the most cheesy person ever when it comes to holidays. Dressing up for special occasions is something I really enjoy, and oh did I mention the CHRISTMAS TREE, ALL OF THE PRETTY LIGHTS AND THE GREASY FOOD?

What is your favourte thing about Autumn?




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