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With love you win

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Meet Veronika Fedorchenko, owner of chain of brow-bars www.browup.ru


Age: 26

Location: Moscow

Your perfect city to live in: Moscow only

One thing you can’t imagine yourself without: Cell phone, not romantic, but honest answer.

Five things you always take with you when traveling: Books; sneakers; my favourite Jo Malone vanilla-anise candle, to make myself feel home everywhere and La Mer face moisturizer.

What inspires you: My friends! Their lifestyle, stories, thoughts, sense of humour. I appreciate them most in my life.

What’s your favourite food: Mango and black porridge with hummus. That’s what I can eat, even if I’m not hungry at the moment. I don’t eat meat, but fish or any kind of seafood (except oysters, I hate them) is my weakness.


What makes you sad: Homeless pets and my 100-years grandmother asking me for marriage and kids, because she wants to dance on my wedding (as she is telling me).

Music: The Weekend, James Blake, The XX, Pompeya, Assai.

Books: A lot. In the blue moments, Carlos Castaneda’s books fill me up and help me move on.

What is your style signature? Black colour. Pure, natural materials and simplicity. But high quality is always my priority.

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How would you describe Moscow to someone who has never been? It never gives you a feeling which you never had before. Different to Europe, where you find depth and history, or USA full of joy and freedom. Moscow is only about yourself, it only improves what you already have. Never gifts, never helps.

Where is the best place in Moscow to have a coffee and watch people go by? Coffeemania, Correa’s, new one – Wine and Bread is my favourite, simple and cosy place.

Where is the best place to have a drink? I think Mandarin Bar, but I never go only for drinks actually.

Where do you go for a good lunch with girlfriends? Fresh cafe is a right place for girls for lunch. But sometimes we go to Pushkin or Dr. Zhivago to take meal in the middle of the day. Because life should not only be lived, but celebrated too.

The best pastry shop? Not really sure, I don’t eat them much, but Magnolia’s bakery is fantastic. Isn’t it?

Tell me about your ideal day in Moscow.



Wake up with the one I love, go for late breakfast to Correa’s on Gasheka Street, talk about everything for hours, take at least 2 big cappuccinos and then part for a while. Go to blow dry and manicure to Fen Dry Bar, make brows and express make up at Brow Up! Meet again, go for a walk, or to see some friends and family/theatre/cinema/museum/stay at home watching “Only lovers left alive” or reading Freud loud to each other. All activity has a meaning if you are in love and able to spend a day with the one you gave your heart to.

Best Shopping Area: Aizel, Bizou shop, Beriozka, Zara, rehab shop. These are locations which I usually visit, looking for something new. It’s not concentrated in only one area unfortunately.

What is the cool club to go to? There are none.

Where can you always spot the fashion crowd? Interesting question. I guess, the real fashion, the place where it starts is a subway. There you should find a lot of true fashionistas.

Where do you go for a manicure? My Fairy Lady on Patriarshie, lovely and soul-warm place. Hi to Tatiana, the best nail master ever!

Your spa? Vostochniy Express on Bolshoi Kislovskiy. Super service, all you need for recovery in one place.

Your favourite multi-brand shop? Already mentioned Aizel.


Your secret beauty tips?

  1. Clarisonic face brush gave me the best version of my skin I’ve ever had.
  2. Less is More (Cosmotheca shop) volume shampoo and conditioner is the best hair product I’ve tried.
  3. Once a week put coconut oil all over your body and hair for the night. I’m practicing it for 5 years already and have to say, that no spa is needed if you have enough coconut oil!
  4. Henna for eyebrows dying. Try in Brow Up! Best results ever!
  5. At least once a week: put your warmest and cosiest pyjama and wool socks, take a fresh mint-honey tea, and open a window, go to sleep for at least 10 hours. This is the simplest beauty tip I could recommend to anyone. It really works for your face and soul, trust me.


Interview and edited by Alice Simeonova


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