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Flying over Sofia

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As some of you may already know, a few weeks ago I had the most amazing flight experience in my life with Jet-Ops (and I was a flight attendant after all…). I flew in a small Jet Cessna 172 above Vitosha mountain. I had no idea that such things were on the table when it comes to entertainment in Sofia, but there you go…thumbnail_image-12-08-16-15-27-4

The place is called Lesnovo Airport, just 30 min from Sofia by car. The feeling you get, when you see the plane and especially how small it is, is scary, but the guys there were awesome, which helped. We had a young Swedish pilot and we flew with one of his friends as well. They were very friendly and this calmed me down quite a bit.thumbnail_image-12-08-16-15-28-3thumbnail_image-12-08-16-15-28

In the plane you are essentially in the cockpit. There are two seat in the front (so you can literally sit in the driver’s seat too) and two in the rear with a trunk at the back, just like in a car, but it flies. The engine is so loud, that they provide you with ear plugs. You also get to hear all the communication, between the pilot and the station guys, which is quite cool.


Once the plane start getting ready by going to the right spot before takeoff, the adrenaline is real! But the second it take off the ground, it’s pure joy and pleasure. The views are stunning and I can tell you, Sofia looks a whole lot better form up and above, especially on a good weather day.


Between the mountains it gets a bit bumpy from the choppy terrain, but looking at the calmness of the pilot, you feel safe. Apparently the pilot also sails, so he handles wind quite well we’ve been told.



My landing in particular was quite smooth and it makes you want to get back in the air straight away. You hear things like “Great Landing” on the radio, just like in the movies.


An experience I won’t forget that reminds me how free one feels when flying. I will definitely do this again soon!



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  1. Nikola Konstantinov says:

    Great, I understand for that such an amazing experience from your Instagram profile and I hope to do it also really soon when the weather is suitable for that! Many thanks!

  2. Nikola Konstantinov says:

    Great, I learned for that such an amazing experience from your Instagram profile and I really hope to do it also when the weather is suitable for that! Many thanks, Alice! l 😉

  3. honeylemonchai says:

    nice post. x

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