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Nail SPA Monte-Carlo

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Close your eyes and imagine, if you will, your special place. Tell me: is it calming and full of light? Does it involve kind fairies massaging your hands and head, while bringing you delicate French pastries and delicious cappuccino? This magical place really does exist — and it’s right here in Monaco. The Nail Spa Monte-Carlo is quiet, relaxing and luxurious. Our beautiful host

Breton Stripes

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  (How to wear our all time fav Breton striped shirt) If there’s one piece that most of us probably have in our closets, it’s the classic Breton striped shirt. The style was introduced in 1858 as the uniform for the French navy in Brittany. The original design featured 21 stripes, one for each of Napolean’s victories. Did you know that? Legendary designer