asimeonova – Page 26 – Mademoiselle Aïa

Alexandra Chrisomallidi

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Alexa really is the coolest girl in town. She is not the typical girl you expect to meet in Monaco! This blondie is more like a Californian born kid … messy hair, nails painted in bright colors, skating around accompanied by her baby dog Lana (of course named after Lana del Rey) …

Lisa Würzinger

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This time we are in Munich with our super stylish and charismatic host Lisa. She is definitely one of those people you wanna know if you are round. Model, fashion student, professional traveler and life lover. Just like us ; )

Yulia Pashevkina

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Yulia is young, fashionable, always smiling and a gorgeous lady, who also happens to be the owner of my favourite shop in London- The Box Boutique.

Catch a glimpse of her life here …

Haya Maraka

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If you ask me about one girl that epitomizes the modern version of Audrey Hepburn, that is for sure Haya. Lets take a look at her life, following her steps around New York …

Café Demel

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The first taste of Christmas atmosphere in Vienna. A perfect occasion to wear my new coat and walk those two around the city … our first stop is Café Demel for some sweet treats ….