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Haya Maraka

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If you ask me about one girl that epitomizes the modern version of Audrey Hepburn, that is for sure Haya. Lets take a look at her life, following her steps around New York …

Café Demel

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The first taste of Christmas atmosphere in Vienna. A perfect occasion to wear my new coat and walk those two around the city … our first stop is Café Demel for some sweet treats ….

Lou Lou Dahmash

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Lou Lou is a student and dreams of having her own fashion business in Dubai where she lives. Effortless chic and all smiles is her signature look …


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Like one real Mademoiselle… I cannot imagine my day without lipstick.
From years I adore Chanel’s lip products…

Rosie Fortescue

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Rosie Fortescue is a well known British fashionista, writing her own blog ( and taking part in the reality show Made in Chelsea. Take a peek at this gorgeous girl’s life now …

Nail SPA Monte-Carlo

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Close your eyes and imagine, if you will, your special place. Tell me: is it calming and full of light? Does it involve kind fairies massaging your hands and head, while bringing

Olya Malysheva

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I am very happy to meet you with Olya Malysheva – the creator of one of my favorite blogs SalatShop.

She is the girl who inspires me to live healthy every day!

Hope you will find your inspiration too!

Love your body and take care of it!

Breton Stripes

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  (How to wear our all time fav Breton striped shirt) If there’s one piece that most of us probably have in our closets, it’s the classic Breton striped shirt. The

10 Healthy Tips

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I am very happy that my dear friend and blogger Iva shared with us her 10 secret tips for a healthy&happy lifestyle.

Follow her steps for your daily inspiration …

Céline in Soho

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The Céline store in Soho, NYC has such a beautiful fresh elegance that I loved – So much! If you are in town go check it out. Address: Céline, 67 Wooster