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Alexa really is the coolest girl in town. She is not the typical girl you expect to meet in Monaco! This blondie is more like a Californian born kid … messy hair, nails painted in bright colors, skating around accompanied by her baby dog Lana (of course named after Lana del Rey) …


Who: Alexandra Chrisomallidi

Instagram: @AlexaChriso

Age: 22

Nationality: Greek & half German

Occupation: Actress, surfer girl, fashion designer, pole art, ex ballet dancer

Location: Monaco


Your perfect city to live in: I would like to be living closer into nature one day.. But if it had to be a city I love where I live now!

One thing you can’t imagine yourself without: My imagination

Five things you always take with you when traveling: As long as I have my Passport, Money, Phone I am good.


What inspires you: Inspiration is everywhere!

What’s your favorite food: Vegetarian.

What makes you happy? Being alive


What makes you sad? Seeing people & animals suffer..

Music: I am very open with music. I like to listen to many many different types.

Books: I only read books from which I learn stuff out of. I rather watch a movie for entertainment

How would you describe Monaco to someone who has never been? Well, one thing that I love about Monaco is the contrast it has with the sea and the mountains. And the weather, of course. Its a pretty city, like a little doll house. Lovely.


Where is the best place in Monaco to have a coffee? A classic one is the Cafe de Paris but I love Starbucks.

Where is the best place to have a drink? Pacific

Where do you go for a good lunch with girlfriends? There are really so many good places to eat.

Best Shopping Area: Metropole shopping center, rue Grimaldi and rue de Millo..


What is the cool club to go to? Jimmyz, Sass and Twiga.

Where can you always spot the fashion crowd? I can see fashion everywhere. Whatever each one wears and considers fashion for himself represents the “fashion crowd” to me.

Where do you go for a manicure? Diamonds institute

Your spa? I dont have time for that. I get the best massages ever from Charles anyway :)) I go to spa when I am on holidays which is never here….

Your favorite multi-brand shop? il Teatro (on rue Grimaldi)


Interview and edited by Alice Simeonova


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