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This is Alexandra Novikova. She lives between Moscow and London and is the girl behind one of my favorite websites about food and healthy lifestyle – How to Green.

I am very happy to introduce you to her and her Green World.


Who: Aleksandra Novikova

Age: 24

Location: London/Moscow

What`s on your mind? Food

Your perfect city to live in? London

Tell us a little bit about “How to green”: It’s a personal project aimed to portrait the ease and the fun of healthy living. Russian health market is very underdeveloped, a lot of the information and beliefs are outdated. That’s why I find it important to share my personal knowledge and currently looking for a team of alike thinkers and writers to join my project that can help me spread the information to the Russian speaking community.

What was your favorite part about developing it? It’s pretty much like writing a journal, its part of my life that I greatly enjoy. This project gives me an amazing opportunity meeting and teaming up with inspiring people that think alike. Together we are larger, stronger and more likely to spread the word.

What motivated you to start? My first idea was to open a healthy café and just when I found the chef, the space and designers I got cold feet. I wasn’t sure managing a café was my thing and so I decided to start with a blog to see where it takes me and to explore the Russian health industry and it’s audience.


Is there anywhere healthy you like to eat out in Moscow/London/NYC? Moscow – Fresh. London- Wild food café, juicebaby, cpress. NYC- Butcher’s Daughter, Feel Food, 66 candles, juice press

Where is the best smoothie you`ve ever had in the world? Home

Where do you go for a good brunch with girlfriends? When it comes to London mostly healthy places and I Robert. Moscow: Veranda U Dachi, Antinori, Visota

If you could pick one food to eat over and over again, what would it be? Avocado everywhere …

How would you describe your philosophy about being healthy? Listen to your body and do not restrict yourself. The healthier you are the easier it is to understand what your body is asking for. If you are just starting up – add instead of subtract. Add veggies, whole grains, legumes.

What inspires you? So many people, books, websites. But I always looked at my father who lives, loves and breaths his job and I wanted to love what I do just as much as he loves his. I think that I finally do.

Your secret beauty tips? Sleep. Its so important to get enough sleep. If I don’t get enough of it I start looking tired, pale, start making bad food choices and can become moody and negative. Remedy is simple- just jump into bed much earlier than you normally would. Healthiest sleep is from 12-3am.

Favorite bedtime ritual: I like to read before I fall asleep.

What is your style signature? Relaxed, comfortable and simple.

5 things you always take with you when traveling? Iphone, laptop, ipad, trainers and jeans.

How do you see yourself in 5 years? Feeling peaceful, happy, proud strong and grounded.

Interview by Alice Simeonova

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