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I am very happy to meet you with Olya Malysheva – the creator of one of my favorite blogs SalatShop.

She is the girl who inspires me to live healthy every day!

Hope you will find your inspiration too!

Love your body and take care of it!


Who: Olya Malysheva

  Occupation: food, health & detox expert + sociologist & copywriter

  Location: Moscow

  What’s on your mind: how happy I feel being at our country-house


 Your perfect city to live in: I was born in Moscow and even after fantastic NY or Paris or London or Hong Kong I’m always happy to come back home.

  Five things you always take with you when traveling: my macbook air, iphone with some interesting audio books and lectures to listen, a bottle of water, a pair of Nike sneakers and a sketchbook.

What’s your favorite food: fresh-pressed veggie juices, goat cheese and beets — I’m in love with beets!


 One thing you can’t imagine yourself without: kissing my husband

 What makes you sad: movies with bad endings

Music: from M.I.A. and Pharrell Williams to Dubstep and Mozart

 Books: Carlos Castaneda books


For more love and healthy tips visit … http://salatshop.ru/

 interviewed & edited by Alice Simeonova


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